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Make your next birthday party really special with a themed pony party. We can dress our lovely pony up to brighten your special day!
- Polka dots
- Hello Kitty
-Red White Blue
-Classic Cowboy / Western
-Racing/Checkered Flag
- Halloween Party ORANGE & BLACK
-Solid Colors:
Spring Green
Light Blue
- Short notice bookings are occasionally available email  wildhifi@hotmail.com
phone (603) 547-7193
  *Please note: each additional mile beyond the 20 mile radius of our location is charged at a rate of $1.50 per mile on the outward bound journey.
Pony rides with a decorated pony for your birthday
Special  Party Packages $200
R a i n b o w  P r i n c e s s
Ride a rainbow for the best birthday ever.
P i n k P r i n c e s s
Ultra pretty in pink & lavender

P a t r i o t s  P a r t y
Bring a decorated pony to celebrate your favorite football team.

Custom Parties $200

For a total price of $200 we can make up a special pony theme just for you!