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BLUE  is 10.2 hands high and can hold a weight of up to 75 lbs.  Shetland Ponies originate from the Mystical Shetland Islands of Northern Scotland which means they are a fun, good-natured and hardy breed. This cute little pony will make your day extra memorable with plenty of photos ops! So don't forget your camera! Blue is really soft and fluffy. He will give your special little girl or boy a very happy and amazing day to remember!
Some of our other services include:
  • Pony Parties: a dressed up pony, straight to your door.
  • Experienced Horse /  Livestock care /   Pet sitting.
  • Vacation / Daily Care.  Relax whilst your pet enjoys a caring  home visit made by a security conscious and respectful sitter.
  • Horse husbandry:  Basic to advanced pony & horsecare teaching at your location. Give your new horse or pony owner the chance to learn to care for their horse like an expert!
  • General animal husbandry. Learn new skills to keep your pet to a high standard.
I have over 30 years of conscientous experience & dedication to horse, pony and animal care at reassuring and affordable rates.
Blue is friendly and good with children
Blue in his polka dot outfit.